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May 25 2016

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The Life and Music of Olivier Martelly

Michel-Olivier Martelly is a Haitian music producer and artist. He goes by the stage name, BigO. His music genre is a unique mix of Caribbean "Pop" with Haitian a bit of Kompa beats.Olivier Martelly is a devoted husband and father, and he enjoys spending quality time with his family.He is the son of Sweet Mickya well-known Haitian musician.

Music Career

His music career began at a very young age. Like his father, Olivier also has vast experience in the Haitian and global music industry. He started producing in 2009, the very year that he founded BigO Productions. Olivier Martelly with his partners organized a free concert in July 2015 featuring Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz and Chris Brown for hip-hop and rap fans in Haiti.

After the July concert, the BigO founder said that the show success was very important to him as he wanted to offer the people of Haiti unity and hope through music. He is also hoping to carry on the same music mission with through father's show, debuting later this year.

His Views about the Haitian Music Industry

According to Michel-Olivier Martelly, the Haitian music industry still remains quite unstructured despite the presence of massive talents among the country's musicians. He therefore wants to play an active and leading role in terms of defining the direction of the music industry in Haiti. He has set his own personal challenges towards structuring the sector in a variety of ways that range from management, legal, and to infrastructure among others.

Future Plans

Martelly has made it public that he will be taking over the running of Sweet Micky's music career through organizing a comeback tour. He plans to oversee a variety of activities of his father's highly anticipated Haitian concert series, such as sponsorship opportunities and media coverage. 

The Martelly family also intends to utilize the opportunity to re-invent and re-experience their family musical roots, following the lengthy period that the Sweet Micky group has been absent from the music scene in Haiti.


Martelly is an active philanthropist, and his inspiration is the "Foundation Rose et Blanc."The goal of the Foundation, set up by his parents, is to assist the less fortunate members of the Haitian community. 

He loves Karate and martial arts which has taught him tolerance, discipline, and self-control, as well as soccer as it has taught him about being a team player and on how to work well with people. During his free time, though he cannot play active soccer or karate, he also enjoys time in the gym.
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